Flexible workplace joinery solutions

Flexible workplace joinery solutions

Flexible, agile, adaptable – these are the buzzwords surrounding modern office and workspace design. Whichever word you choose we are all seeking one outcome: an office design that enhances productivity and employee wellbeing.

There are many design considerations when it comes to joinery for workplaces. Here are just a few that JoinPro keeps top of mind for every project.

Privacy vs interaction

It’s been proven by now that open plan offices are not the gateway to collaboration and productivity that they were originally hoped to be. However, while open plan offices get a bad rap these days, they can be useful in some scenarios – for example, teams that need to react to ever changing circumstances or work very closely (such as crisis management or creatives).

Modern offices are striking the balance between open plan and privacy by creating dedicated collaboration and focus areas – spaces where people can work in groups or quietly. Thoughtfully placed timber privacy panels can help maximise the usefulness of these spaces – by providing a screen from distractions. When designed carefully a timber partition can also help manage acoustics, natural light and artificial lighting, and air flow.

Integrated ICT

The clutter and mess from cords associated with technology can impact productivity and create a negative impression for your visitors and stakeholders. Integrating technology and communication systems into custom cabinetry can help cut the clutter and ensure technology is more efficient to access and use.

JoinPro can also create workstations to fit all types of work styles – incorporating space for traditional desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and sit/stand style desks.

Kitchen and leisure areas

Once a purely utilitarian area, kitchens, eating areas, and breakout leisure zones are becoming the norm in modern workplaces. Providing workspaces that support a culture of flexibility, support and employee wellbeing is more and more important when it comes to employee attraction and retention.

Benches, breakfast bars, bench style seating and elegantly designed screening for privacy can transform your office kitchen into a vital social hub that inspires and rewards employees.

The JoinPro team love creating functional, yet creative, kitchen and leisure areas for office spaces, and we have a track record of delivering amazing results. Take a look at our work at LogiCamms for an example of our quality craftsmanship in workplace kitchens.

One size doesn’t fit all

At JoinPro there are no cookie-cutter solutions. We take the principles of good design and master craftsmanship to create a completely bespoke solution for your individual needs. And we work as genuine partners with your builders and architects to ensure everything runs seamlessly, to schedule and to budget.