The latest trends in kitchen design

The latest trends in kitchen design

White is out and bold is in when it comes kitchen design trends in 2018.

The modern kitchen is taking a turn from the previous trend for clean and white and evolving to be an eclectic space that is an extension of your design personality. More colour, different finishes and interesting profiles are being favoured by designers too. However, as the workhorse of any space, practicality will never stray from being in style for kitchens.

For the latest trends for aged care, education, commercial and high end residential kitchens keep reading.

1. Mix and matte

Take a look at a kitchen from 10 years ago and it’s likely the cabinetry is a monochrome glossy white. While white is always clean and crisp looking, matte finishes, colour and texture is making a comeback. In large spaces with high traffic areas like commercial offices or aged care facilities this is good news, as a matte surface is easier to clean and does not show fingerprints or dirt as easily.

Mix and matching warm earth tones, greys, blues, and pops of colour, along with warm timber finishes is also a huge trend for 2018, along with panelling and profiles.

2. Open storage

Make a statement and add open storage to your kitchen design. Used in moderation this can inject some life and style to your kitchen, without looking messy. Shelving at different heights and depth adds interest and, when places in easily accessible areas can enhance functionality for the young and the elderly.

3. Timber

As master craftsmen we love working with timber, and this classic material is really having a moment in 2018. Timber is everywhere, from light Scandi inspired timber cabinetry, to handpainted joinery, and custom timber islands. It marries beautifully with stone benchtops and metal hardware, and is often the lynchpin of a cohesive look.

Modern timber laminates are now more durable and stylish and offer a cost-effective alternative to timber. It’s a great option to consider when fitting out large commercial spaces.

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